5 x 5: “Ang Moh” vs Uncle showdown at Jap restaurant and wedding bells for local DJs

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1. Ang Mo vs Local showdown

ang moh vs uncle

                                                   (Via All Singapore Stuff)

Drama is what you get when you have an (accidental?) queue-cutting uncle and a hungry “ang moh”. Read both sides of the story here – ang moh vs uncle.

2. Wedding bells for local DJs Jean Danker

(Via TODAY Online)

(Via TODAY Online)

Congratulations are in order for the pair who have dated for 7 years. Will there be a mini danker next year?

3. A train on the East-West Line was hit by a water leak

(Via The Straits Times)

(Via The Straits Times)

Water was pouring from the roof of the train on the East-West line. More here.

4. Louis Vuitton packaging gets a makeover

via MarieClaire

via MarieClaire

via MarieClaire

via MarieClaire

The iconic brown packaging is no more. More here.

5. The most amazing thing at Disneyland Shanghai is…

(Featured image via Marie Claire)


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