5 x 5: PM Lee’s social media contest and NUS crackdown after TNP exposé

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1) Win an invite to the National Day Rally

(Via PM Lee's Facebook)

(Via PM Lee’s Facebook)


We have pretty much the coolest PM in the world. Who else runs social media contests to give out invites. Contest deets here – thank us later! 😉

2) Aussie bloke won a resort

(Via ST)

(Via ST)


Speaking of contests – did you hear of this Aussie guy that won a Pacific island resort in a lucky draw? More here 

3) Man found on bed with a woman, her husband punches man

(Via Google images)

(Via Google images)

Army regular Shawnald Lee’s wife was out drinking when her male friend sent her home after she got drunk. Her husband came home to find her male friend sitting with her on the bed and all hell broke loose. Ouch. More here

4) NUS crackdown after allegations of sexualised orientation games

(Via TNP)

(Via TNP)

With NUS coming under fire after the TNP “expose” of the sexualised games being played during freshmen orientation camps, the school administration has promised to crack down on such activities. More here

5) Latest AGO report

(Via ago.gov)

(Via ago.gov)

The AGO Financial Year 2015/2016 uncovered instances of inadequate financial controls over Government operations and weak governance. More here


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