Hit with a hammer? Scalded with boiling water? 5 of the worst foreign domestic worker abuse cases in Singapore

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TL;DR – Oh no, another one?

We read with much sadness the latest news about the demise of a Myanmar foreign domestic worker from suspected abuse. She was all of 24 years old.

The Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, chairman of the Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE) released a statement on the CDE Facebook Page,


With the number of foreign domestic helpers on the rise, we’re seeing more cases of abuse, especially in recent times. These were the 5 of the worst ones we’ve come across lately:

1) Helper went from 49kg to 20kg

Lim Choon Hong and his wife Chong Sui Foon stood trial for allegedly starving their maid Ms Thelma Oyasan Gawidan until she weighed just 29kg. Infrequent meals of instant noodles and bread were pinpointed as the cause for her losing 20kg. The foreign domestic worker was also allowed to bathe only once or twice a week at a public toilet in her then-employer’s Orchard Road condominium. Case details here

(Via CNA)

(Via CNA)


2) Pouring bleach on helper’s hands and arms

Lum Wai Lui, 74, was found guilty of slapping the face of Ms Jonna Memeje Muegue and knocking her head on the wall at her Maplewoods condominium. She was also convicted of pouring bleach on the Filipina’s hands and arms. The foreign domestic worker broke her legs in her attempt to escape. More here

(Via ST)

(Via ST)

3) Teeth knocked out with a hammer

An Indonesian domestic worker told the court how she suffered at the hands of her employer, who used an array of weapons to cause her injury. These include a bamboo pool, a frying pan, a pounder and even a hammer, which knocked out the helper’s teeth. Case details here

(Via ST)

(Via ST)


4) Repeated abuse of 17-year-old foreign domestic worker

A 9-month jail term was meted out to Low Gek Hon, who abused her helepr repeatedly – poking her with a pair of scissors, biting and scratching her. Low was also found to have poured hot water on the helper, resulting in burns on her lower back. Details here

(Via ST)

(Via ST)

5) Abused by her own countrymen

Ei Phyu Tun was excited to hear that her employers were also Myanmar nationals but things took a turn for the worst when her employer started abusing her – slapping her and also hitting her with a metal hanger and metal rod. Her case report here

myanmar tnp

(Via TNP)





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