Bet you never knew these about ISA-detainee Zulfikar Shariff

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TL;DR – Somebody’s gonna get hurt real bad. 

News broke (CNA, ST) that a Singaporean, Zulfikar Shariff has been detained under the Internal Security Act for actively promoting radical ideology and ISIS-related propaganda. A quick Google search showed that ISA-detainee has been a trouble maker for many years, trying to stir up negative sentiments and radicalise others.

The threat of terror is real and we must always remain vigilant, dealing swiftly with those who seek to  disrupt the social fabric of society.

Here are some things we bet you never knew about him:

1) He called for a ISIS-inspired Caliphate (ruling system)

In a status update on Facebook, Zulfikar Shariff called for a khilafah/Caliphate – also known as a general system of leadership over all Muslims in the world. Its responsibility is to implement the laws of the Islam system and convey the Islamic Message to the rest of the world. He said “Only the khilafah has the right to declare military action on nations that attack Muslims.”

(Via Facebook)

(Via Facebook)

(Via Facebook)

(Via Facebook)


2) He used to run Muslim website but fled the country due to police investigations

In 2002, Zulfikar Shariff ran a Muslim website He then fled as police started investigations about possible criminal defamation of personalities such as Ho Ching, Minister Yaacob Ibrahim as well as the then Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

3) Mother of a 17-year old girl made a police report about him

The mother of a 17-year old junior college student made a police report against Zulfikar Shariff as she wanted the two to stop seeing each other as the latter was a married man. Things got ugly and her mother was allegedly threatened by Zulfikar Shariff after he retaliated by yelling back. More here

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4) There is a 14-year old Google group topic thread about him

Back when Google groups was still cool, a post with 13 responses and 8 authors still remains where they discussed whether he should be captured. Read the thread yourself here

(Via Google Groups)

5) He was an avid supporter of the “Wear White” campaign

The “Wear White” campaign was started by an Islamic religious teacher and asked Muslims to “return to fitrah” – the Arabic word for “natural” – and support “what is good and pure”.  This was to protest against homosexuality and defend traditional family values. Zulfikar Shariff was an avid supporter, he’s pictured here alongside other supporters such as WP’s MP Faisal Abdul Manap.


(Via Facebook)

(Via HWZ forum)

6) He writes in to the forum pages /writer letters quite a bit

Here, here, here, here… you get the idea. 😛

7) He kenna reported by netizens to the police

A concerned netizen forwarded one of Zulfikar Shariff’s Facebook posts about being an ISIS sympathiser. Another netizen also jumped in on the conversation.


(Via Facebook)

(Via Facebook)

Ending thoughts

On a more serious note, the threat of terror and radicalisation exists in every society and we must be more aware of the threats that will disrupt our social fabric. There is no place for extremist ideology in our society and Singaporeans must stand together to guard what we have built up all these years.

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