5 x 5: The G says building a bin centre’s more complicated than you think & other news

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1. The G explains why NAC needs a centralised bin centre

They say it’s more complicated than you think, more here.

2. MOE responds to AGO’s audit on study loans

Good to hear that MOE has heart.

3. What’s on the menu for PM Lee?

Check out what’s planned at the US State Dinner honouring PM Lee Hsien Loong! It’s the first official visit to the US by our PM since 1985!


More here

4. NUS has suspended Freshmen Orientation Week

via Asiaone

via Asiaone

Yes, this is much better than that very weak letter. Students found to be responsible for those risque sexualised games will also be brought before the Board of Discipline. More here.

5. Mad rush for Taiwanese coffee and milk tea

via Facebook / Chun Cui He

via Facebook / Chun Cui He

Although only two flavours, milk tea and latte, are available for now, Chun Cui He stocks have been flying off the shelves. Chun Cui He created the same buzz and craze when it was launched in Hong Kong and Korea. More here.


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