Are you a Food Instagrammer? Then you need to see this hilarious IKEA ad immediately.

By August 4, 2016Current

TL;DR – It’s all about that gram. No treble.

You go to an (extremely hipster) cafe and you place your order based on what makes #foodporn material.

Flatlays and moving your food to the “light source”? Of course.

Standing on chairs and other socially unacceptable behaviours?

Bali - Mar 2016 - 081151253

Been there, done that.

Well, Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has had enough of our #EverythingForTheGram behaviour and just released this dramatic commercial set in the 18th century titled Let’s Relax to remind us that it’s a meal, not a competition,


So how, are you going to stop letting your camera eat first?

(And buy that IKEA dining chair you saw in the commercial.)


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