President Tony Tan responds to Dr Chee’s claims about good money

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TL;DR – Good money goes everywhere. 

So we recently saw a claim by Dr Chee Soon Juan circulating the Internet,

And to be honest, instead of it being about he say he said – facts and figures of funding rendered to the ITEs and Polytechnics during the years of 1985 to 1991 when President Tony Tan was Education Minister can easily be obtained from the Ministry of Education.  The government’s recurrent expenditure per student in the polytechnics and ITE increased by 48% and 58% respectively from 1986 to 1992.

Additionally, we often see how today that when funding for tertiary education is implemented, it is applied to all institutions across the board.

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But to clear the air anyway, at a doorstop interview at Spectra Secondary School this afternoon when President Tony Tan was making a community engagement visit, he clarified that he did not make that remark.

In fact,

“The claim is very hurtful because when I was Cabinet Minister, the education of our children was very close to my heart. For that reason, when I was Education Minister, I increased support for the education of all our students, with particular focus on our children in the polys and ITEs, or what was then the VITB (Vocational and Industrial Training Board).”


We wonder why he doesn’t sue the pants off Mr Tay Kheng Soon for such slanderous remarks but we reckon a President has way more things on his plate than deal with every untruth that gets thrown his way.

For now, here’s a picture of  President Tony Tan at last year’s National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) held at Singapore Polytechnic where a proud ITE Principal snapped a picture of his student getting an award. #thefeels


(Via ITE College East Facebook)

(Via ITE College East Facebook)



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