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TL;DR –  Everything you need to know, summarised for you daily at 5pm.

1. Why isn’t THAT lawyer disbarred yet?

[media-credit name=”TNP” link=”http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore-news/lawyer-edmond-wong-used-f-word-court” align=”aligncenter” width=”970″]NP_20160806_TMWONG06_1347181[/media-credit]

Yes, We’re talking about breast-size lawyer. Did you know he was also just ordered to pay $3,000 for using expletives in a trial? More here.

2. Three SMRT staff have contracted tuberculosis (TB)

via Straits Times

via Straits Times

Two SMRT train drivers and one crew manager from Tanah Merah station have contracted TB. Two were found to have latent TB whch is not contagious, but can develop into contagious active TB if untreated. The third was found to have active TB. The rest of the SMRT staff had also been tested, but results of screening are not out yet. More here.

3. Rio Olympics opens!

via Straits Times

via Straits Times

After some seven years of preparations, the Maracana Stadium finally saw the opening of the Olympic Games! Here we go, 17 days of non-stop sporting action! More pictures here.

4. Durian prices have tumbled, so where to buy?


5. Pokemon Go is here, is here, is here!


Check out advisories from the authorities here and here.

(Featured image via Reuters/Channelnewasia)


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