Taxi uncle all geared up for NDP, offers free rides to those in red and white

By August 7, 2016Current

TL;DR – Probably the most patriotic driver in Singapore. 

It’s the time of the year where red-and-white reaches a new fashion high – Giordano probably makes more money this month with its iconic I LOVE SG t-shirts than it does in the rest of the year combined.

Cabbie uncle of Comfort Taxi SHA 2558U has decided to offer free rides to passengers who wear red and white this 9 August, National Day.

[media-credit name=”Unscrambled” align=”aligncenter” width=”720″]13933141_10153964224646748_1566849378_n[/media-credit]

We also have to mention how friendly this pakcik in his 70s is. Incredibly jovial and with a superb heart, he decided to wait for my friend’s friend who boarded his taxi at Bedok to finish her errands at Old Tampines Road because the area is very ulu (aka secluded) before taking her to the next location.

[media-credit name=”Unscrambled” align=”aligncenter” width=”960″]13942262_10153964224631748_876103685_n[/media-credit]


Faith in Singapore taxi drivers, restored.


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