5 x 5: Pokemon nest locations all in one map!

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TL;DR  –  Everything you need to know, summarised for you daily at 5pm. 

1) Pokemon Nest locations

pokemon nest

(Via Google Images)

Don’t say bo jio but someone has plotted out the various Pokemon nest locations. Sharing is caring – you’re welcome!

2) Joseph Schooling out of 100m freestyle event

(Via Google Images)

(Via Google Images)

Although coming in last of 16, Schooling did not actually train for the event and it was more of a warm up for his main event  – the men’s 100m butterfly – in two days’ time. More here

3) Pokemon GO personal driver

(Via Carousell)

(Via Carousell)

Gotta catch them all in style with a personal driver and Mazda 3. Check out this Carousell seller’s post

4) Strange case of woman found dead on 4th floor of an office building parapet

(Via Google Images)

(Via Google Images)

Investigations are ongoing as with the body of a woman in her 40s found dead at an office building parapet in the CBD. More here 

5)  5 men arrested for rioting near Havelock Road

(Via Google Images)

(Via Google Images)

Fight Pokemon people, not each other. More here


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