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1. How much does it cost to raise a champion?

News about Joseph Schooling’s $1 million prize money has been floating around since yesterday. Some quarters have said he’s expected to get something to the tune of $650,000 after the required contribution and taxes.

But how much did it cost the Schoolings to raise a champion? $1.35 million.

That’s not all. What about the time, the sacrifices? What about all those intangible-and-invisible-but-you-can-feel-them-right-through-to-your-core kind of things?



2. Can’t take the Singaporean out of the boy

Hurhur, you can take the boy outta Singapore, but you can’t take the Singaporean outta the boy. On his SQ flight back to Singapore, he said he wanted to eat chye tow kueh! And yea, he likes the way we do – the blacker, the better.


Straits Times even came up with their recommendations of the best six stalls Schooling should try! More here.

3. “I want to be the best.”

Channelnewsasia caught up with Schooling onboard the homebound flight, and here’s what he said,


4. Fantastic Thai Market

Happening at the Tanjong Pagar rallway station on 12 Sep (Mon) 10AM till late! Why a Monday? Hehe, it’s a public holiday, yo!

via Facebook / Fleawhere

via Facebook / Fleawhere

More here.

5. Who’s still playing Pokemon Go>

via Vulcan Post

via Vulcan Post

Want a guide to where you should go Pokemon-hunting? Click here.

(Featured image via Straits Times0


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