5 x 5: Of Made-In-China Pokemon Go and Schooling’s toilet breaks

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1) Pow Sing is back!


Fans of the chicken rice eateries at Serangoon Gardens will be glad to know that its suspension has been lifted yesterday after multiple food poisoning incidents that occurred in July this year.

2) Made in China version of Pokemon Go


Due to China’s strict rules and regulations, the original Pokemon Go won’t be released there so they have launched their own version of the game which features erm, some malnourished looking characters.

3) Rolling in the Deep…

… abyss of China.

4) Beware of phishing scam from ava.gog.sg


The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) has warned against a phishing email purportedly informing members of the public about a server migration. The email, which is sent from the URL ava.gog.sg, wishes the recipient a Happy National Day and states that the organisation will be temporarily migrating its servers to Asia.com.

5)  If there’s such a thing as TMI…


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