According to BBC, char kway teow makes a “healthy breakfast”

TL;DR – It has all the elements of a complete meal apparently.

Yup, that greasy 745-calories plate of noodles fried in lard has been listed by British news broadcaster BBC as the Top 10 Healthy Noodle Dishes.


It’s said to be a ‘unique blend of seafood, chives and noodles you won’t find anywhere else’ and ‘has all the elements of a complete meal’.

‘The egg content, combined with the yellow and flat rice noodles provide a broad spectrum of nutrition including proteins and essential amino acids. In fact, one serving of char kway teow gives you 35% of daily amino acid requirements.’

I’m not too sure what the Health Promotion Board thinks, though I highly recommend you take this finding with a (rather large) pinch of salt.

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