Wed. May 29th, 2024
via Straits Times

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1. WHUT? Thailand ain’t gonna extradite bank robbery suspect back to us

After holding him at the immigration detention centre for about a month, Thailand has (finally!) made its decision whether to send the Roach to Singapore or to Canada. Yea, they’re gonna send him back to Canada. More here.

Our Ambassador-at-Large Bilahari Kausikan has something to say,


2. Trainers, clean up after yourselves, please!

via Straits Times
via Straits Times

Yishun Park is one of the popular spots for Pokemon-hunting, however the gamers have been leaving behind their trash. How much trash? Cleaners say some 70 bags full, every night. More here.

3. THAT bridal boutique in the spotlight, again

Remember that episode of wedding photography gone wrong back in April? Well, that same bridal boutique is embroiled in yet another controversy. Here, check out who’s suing whom over what.


4.Haze is back

Wish we don’t have to say this, but yea, it’s creeping back.


5. A retired Indonesian general is not happy with us

Still on Indonesia, a retired Indonesian 3-star general was interviewed for some 30 minutes at Changi airport as part of our immigration control and he took to Facebook
to complain about the incident.

Ahhh…. the delicate ties our little red dot has with our neighbours.

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