5 x 5: Of marriage and sex mostly today

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1) This wedding dress is going Viral On eBay

image (1)

Well, we can’t think of a description better than,

“If you want a dress that is full of bad memories and shattered hopes and dreams, then this is the one for you!” She also says, “I didn’t have time to get it dry-cleaned myself before my cheating scumbag of a husband decided to call an end to our marriage.”

If you’re interested, bids are now at £65,900 here.

2) Truly Gold-medalist style

In non Lee Chong Wei-related Olympics news,

3) Brother of Syrian boy in widely-circulated picture dies


Remember this 5-year-old Syrian who was placed in an ambulance after an air strike?

His 10-year-old older brother has died in Aleppo from wounds sustained in the same incident 🙁

4) Food for thought: Marital Rape in Singapore

5) Kim Cattrall turns 60

Remember the fabulous Samantha Jones from Sex and the City?

She turns 60 today and here are our favourite Samantha moments:

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