Bet you missed these about the National Day Rally!

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TL;DR – Bet you’re kicking yourself for missing out on yesterday’s National Day Rally. 

Even if you didn’t tune in to the National Day Rally yesterday you’d probably have heard that our PM took ill during the speech and in the process, scared me and probably a million others. BUT like a true champ that he is, he returned to deliver the last portion of his speech! But before all the drama, there were many interesting nuggets of information that might have alluded you. Here’s what you might have missed while playing Pokemon GO instead of tuning in (tsk tsk!):

Bet you missed it 1: Will we have a Malay president?

PM hinted last night that if a minority president is not elected “for a long time, minorities will become disappointed and uneasy, and rightly so”. Since we have already had an Indian president just before Mr Tony Tan, process of elimination thereby tells us we should be expecting more minority representation in the upcoming elections. Any guesses who? 😉

Bet you missed it 2: PMO update speed = faster than lighting

I distinctly remember the feeling of my heart dropping when I watched PM Lee be taken ill on TV. For the few minutes before PMO updated on Facebook that he’s fine, everyone was pretty much shell-shocked. Thank goodness we didn’t have to wait too long for the update and could finally breathe. #longestfewminutesever #updatefasterthanleechongweibadmintonmoves

Bet you missed it 3: Nasty remarks online

Speaks for itself. How do you sleep at night again?

(Via Five Stars And A Moon)

(Via Five Stars And A Moon)


(Via Five Stars And A Moon)

(Via Five Stars And A Moon)

Bet you missed it 4: PM Najib’s tweet to PM Lee

Because you know… a get well soon card to so yesterday. #bros

(Via PM Najib's Twitter)

(Via PM Najib’s Twitter)

Bet you missed it 5: Rotimatic just sold over 1,000,000 units

Okay… so maybe that’s an exaggeration but with PM Lee’s “endorsement” of Rotimatic aka the world’s first automatic Chapati and Roti maker and all under a minute, you can be sure sales went up. PM also mentioned Fragrance Bak Kwa… which succeeded in making me crave for the calorie-laden snack – thanks ah! =)_

(Via Rotimatic's website)

(Via Rotimatic’s website)


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Bet you missed it 6: PM teaches you how to find a new job

Meet Gerald Peck, an ex-Citibank Vice President who wanted to re-join the workforce after being out of action for awhile. He signed up for the Career Support Programme and through e2i (Employment and Employability Institute), he was matched to an opening at DataPost and viola – is now head of its shared services!




Bet you missed it 7: PM stressing the importance of health

PM adorably made a couple of “health-related” quips once he was back on stage including how he has “never had so many doctors look at me at once”, how the last time he fainted was at the Safti parade square and how he was glad he invited the SCDF peeps who treated Minister Heng  Sweet Keat as they assisted him as well.

He also mentioned that he would be going for a full check-up to make sure all is in order.

Bet you missed it 8: PM’s answer on his third wish

In case you were wondering 😉

thirs wish v3




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