Jen from Skyscanner just won the Internet’s heart

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TL;DR – Marry me already, Jen.

Facebook user James Lloyd‎ posted this screenshot of a technical glitch from popular flight and hotel metasearch engine Skyscanner which showed a 47 years (or 413786-hour) layover to their Facebook page with the question,

“Hi Skyscanner. Just wondering what you’d recommend I do during the 47 year layover your website has suggested?”

Screenshot 2016-08-25 14.28.06

Jen from Skyscanner gave such an impressive reply it has since been liked by 1,934 users and the post shared over 300 times.

Here the’s brilliant response in its entirety:

Unless you’re a huge fan of The Terminal, I’d probably recommend spending those years outside of the airport, so here are a few suggestions:

• Just missed Songkran but you’ve got another 46 years to enjoy it.
• How do you feel about heights? The Moon Bar is pretty good and it’s open until 1am so you could spend a good chunk of time there.
• A cruise on the Chao Phraya river could keep you busy for a while.
• If you get peckish there’s a floating market. Not only good for grub, but you could make a few mates whilst you’re there. Win/win.
• Become a Tai Chi expert in Lumpini Park.

– Jen
(p.s. thanks for letting me know about this – I’ll get some folk to look into it!)


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