What exactly is that ingredient in the AVA-recalled milk tea?

By August 25, 2016Current

TL;DR – You’re not gonna die, methinks.

You know that popular Just Drink Milk Tea (纯萃喝) that has been recalled by AVA?

Because I have been drinking copious amounts of it from Taiwan to Hong Kong and then to Singapore, I decided to Google the hell out of L-theanine to make sure I’m not gonna die.

According to Doctor Internet,


Theanine is derived from tea leaves, specifically as a constituent of green tea.

In Japan, L-theanine has been approved for use in all foods, including herb teas, soft drinks, desserts, etc. with some restrictions applying to infant foods.

It supposedly provides an umami flavor to and is generally recognized as safe as an ingredient by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is sold as a dietary supplement in the US.

Research has found that Theanine (the L-theanine in L has to do with a detail of the molecular structure and is usually dropped) can help boost the immune system, possibly protects against stroke and also protects brain neurons amongst other health benefits.

So don’t worry, you will most probably live to die another day.


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