5 x 5: We Are Singapore!

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1, Nathan Hartono into Jay Chou’s Top 5 in Sing China!

Remember Nathan Hartono who scored Jay Chou as a mentor in Sing!China?

He has advanced into the next round as Jay Chou’s Top 5 in the latest episode of the singing variety show to find new singing talent. Here, check out his performance from last night’s episode.


He has also been very active on social media, posting updates about his Sing!China journey, his thoughts and his thanks.

Go go go, Nathan, go do us proud! #WeAreSingapore


2. People, meet Nguan

Nguan via Straits Times

Nguan via Straits Times

He’s that Singaporean photographer who took over New Yorker Photo’s Intageam account during the National Day week. YAY! #WeAreSingapore

More here.

3. #WeAreSingapore Otters?

via Facebook / Otterwatch

via Facebook / Otterwatch

Is it time yet to say, ‘Move over, Merlion’? More here.

4. Want to stop Whatsapp from sharing your personal info with Facebook?

via Whatsapp

via Whatsapp

Here’s how.

5. A very slick ad

Just watch it.


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