Just For Laughs – Our 10 Faves From Lowcost Cosplay

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TL;DR – The good, the bad and the downright hilarious! 

Meet Anucha “Cha” Saengchart, caretaker for the elderly by day and mastermind of Lowcost Cosplay by night. His Facebook page, a visual display of absolute creativity, follows the mantra “everything is cosplay” by using the most innocuous everyday items to conjure up cosplay feats.

Although the page has around for a couple of years, he has more recently been popping up on my social media newsfeeds thanks to his cosplay attempts of Joseph Schooling. These are some of my favourites!

1)Joseph Schooling v1

Cos winning the Olympics is as easy as heading to the mama shop…

2)Joseph Schooling v2

… or taking a shower


You gotta admit, the outfit is pretty on point… as is the expression

4) A banana

Because there’s nothing he can’t cosplay yo

5) Symmetra from the game Overwatch

Actually better than many trashy Halloween costumes I’ve seen! Jello and nail polish a nice touch LOL!

6) Warcraft

The cat’s expression says it all.



7) Descendants of the Sun

Same same but different… very very different >.<

8)School of Engineering @ SPU

WOW! Now that’s pretty nifty!

9) Katy Perry in ROAR

If only Katy knew she could save $$$ by hiring Lowcost Cosplay dude for her costumes

10) Brown shell head anime dude

A for effort… and D for disgusting! Sticking your head in the toilet bowl = commitment to cosplay! *slow clap*



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