5 x 5: Get ready for charging your phone on the bus!

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1)Buses with USB charging ports to hit the road

(Via CNA)

(Via CNA)

Commuters will be able to charge their mobile devices on the go when the first 10 buses equipped with USB charging ports hit Singapore’s roads. Check out the five bus service routes here

2) Maris Stella pupil unresponsive in school bus

(Via Google Images)

(Via Google Images)

The school bus driver thought the 11-year-old boy had fallen asleep in his seat. But when he tried to wake the boy upon reaching Maris Stella Primary School yesterday morning, the Primary 5 pupil did not respond. =_( More here

3) Fire breaks out at Orchard Towers

(Via CNA)

(Via CNA)

Thankfully, no one was hurt. More here

4)Malaysia celebrates National Day

                                                                                 (Via CNA)

Happy 59th birthday to our neighbour! More here 

5) Dengue vs Zika

SMRT Feedback keeping it real.


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