Breaking: Singapore’s first Pokemon Go survey!

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TL;DR – Singaporeans love fads. 

Singaporeans, the verdict on Pokemon Go is out, is out, is out!

*Drum rolls please*

Pikachu is voted as Singapore’s favourite Pokemon! Like it or not, this cutie pie stole the hearts of Singaporeans. Nope, not Snorlax, not Gyrados.



Yes, that short, chubby rodent Pokémon, Pika Pika Pikachu!

If you have’t met this (unofficial?) mascot of the Pokemon franchise, let us do the introduction, hurhur! Pikachu is covered in yellow fur and its ears are long and pointed with black tips. It has a small mouth, brown eyes, and two (super duper cute!) red circles on its cheeks. Those of us who don’t follow anime probably wouldn’t know that there are pouches inside Pikachu’s cheeks that stores… electricity!

Pokemon Go is such a serious business that it has even spurred a local research firm, Q Research Consulting, to poll some 600 players in Singapore on their thoughts about the game.

Here are 5 interesting findings about Singaporean Pokemon Go players.


1. Pikachu is so basic but people love it

Singapore favourite Pokemon Pikachu

Pikachu – Singapore’s most favourite Pokemon

Eevee is also a hot favourite for its ability to evolve into 3 characters – Vaporean, Jolteon and Flareon. Apparently, you can also pre-determine which of the 3 you want it to evolve into! But not for all eevees ok? You can only “cheat” 3 times and after that, it will be a random evolution.

2. Only 20% will travel around to “catch em all”

8 types of pokemon go players in singapore

8 different types of Pokemon Go players in Singapore

This will be a fun one to stereotype your friends. Lucky there is no category on “Player at work”, if not it will definitely top the chart and…it might get you fired! #justdontgetcaughtatwork

3. A player spends 1.3 hrs a day on Pokemon Go

time spent playing pokemon go in singapore

Average time spent on Pokemon Go a day

1.3 hours (78 mins) a day seems quite a lot…assuming you stay on the Pokemon Go app for 10 mins each time, you would have turned it on for 7-8 times a day…

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4. Friends become closer after Pokemon Go

impact of Pokemon Go on relationships

Positive sentiment between friends increased by 3.2%

To the girl who lost her friends because of Pokemon Go: Please show this to your friends.

If they continue to ignore you like how we ignore pidgeys (or rattatas or weedles or caterpies….), they are not your true friends. Transfer them to the professor (see below).



5. Goodbye Pokemon Go

how long will pokemon go last in singapore

Estimated lifespan of Pokemon Go in Singapore

For most players, life will resume to normal by end November 2016… Yeaps, the survey shows that we will all have our lives back in time for Christmas!

Worried parents, concerned bosses, dejected friends and neglected girlfriends: This one is for you.

Photo credits: Q Research, Hpility. 


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