5 x5: Millionaire troublesome, Middle-class happiest?

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1. Congratulations, Shu Qi & Stephen!

via Weibo

via Weibo


These two have known each other for 20 years and been in love for four years. And yes, after years of hide-and-seek with the media, actress Shu Qi and director Stephen Fung (冯德伦) have gotten married!

They’re filming in Prague (Yeaps, Fung’s movie and yeaps, Shu Qi’s acting in it) and they just decided to up and do it – got married in Prague! The wedding dress’s a gift from H&M to Shu Qi from two years ago and the veil picked up from some random bridal boutique in Prague, whoa!

You can read more here and more beautifully happy pics here.

Or, watch this behind-the-scene clip!

Bonus clip!

2. Troublesome to be a millionaire, and people are happiest in middle class?

Well, we can’t all marry the sweetest man or the most beautiful woman on earth, ya? So how else to be happy? Let’s hear what Jack Ma has to say.

Asia Society via TechinAsia

Asia Society via TechinAsia

Jack Ma, who has been on both polar ends of the poor-rich spectrum thinks that it’s too troublesome to be millionaire and that,

China’s happiest people are those earning US$3,000 to US$4,500 a month.

He thinks people are happiest when they have ‘a little house, a car and a family.’ More here.

3. Who’s driving into JB?

Take heed, as the Johor Health Department is starting to take various measures to curb the spread of Zika infection, including requiring all vehicles leaving and entering Singapore to be sprayed with mosquito repellent.

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Beats us how they’re gonna implement that smoothly.

4. Go Away, Zika! And Go Away, Divisive Politics!

Mosquitoes don’t differentiate between blue and white; we all bleed red. We fight Zika together as one Singapore. True that.

5. How’s Life at Ground Zero?

Yeaps, we’re talking about the Sims Drive /Aljunied cluster.

Meanwhile, you might also wish to know that the World Health Organization (WHO) has applauded our little nation, calling Singapore a role model in its handling of Zika. More here.


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