5 x 5 : Obama gets called “son of a b***h”

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1) Filipino President Duterte curses President Obama…


(Via CNN)

(Via CNN)

Uh no… you didn’t. More here

2)… And regrets it after

Cue Justin Bieber – is it too late to say sorry? More here

3) Beware – tortoise crossing road

When traffic slows to a crawl… literally.

4) Owe money pay money (to RWS)

(Via ST

(Via ST)

Theatre practitioner Beatrice Chia-Richmond’s firm owes RWS $200,000 for Ah Boys To Men musical. More here 

5) Two paid $42,800 each for chicken rice recipe

(Via ST)

(Via ST)

Out of this world chicken rice? At that price, we sure hope so. 😉 More here
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