Why Train To Busan didn’t quite cut it for me

TL;DR – I feel so heartless that I didn’t shed a tear.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should have seen the glowing reviews about Korean box office hit, Train to Busan.


Coming in tops at the local box office and also the highest-grossing Korean movie in Singapore to date, there might even be a sequel to this zombie flick (which I certainly hope not).

Maybe it’s cause I had watched the movie with pretty high expectations (How not to?! Everybody on Facebook keeps raving about it!) but the film just didn’t cut it for me.

Here’s why,

1) Why the lead characters take much longer to become zombies?


You guys remember how at the beginning, the train attendants turn into zombies practically immediately upon being bitten?

Then why is it that the lead characters take much longer to morph? Still can think about father mother and have time to say goodbye to everyone?

2) Why the pregnant woman can run so fast?

She should totally train our soldiers for our 2.4km IPPT.

3) Why is it that when they were fighting the zombies, it is the guy without any weapons who went first?


If the zombies bite him already then siao liao already right?

4) How can 2 minutes be so long?

If you recall, fund manager Seok-Woo had calculated a 2-minute (or was it 3?) interval between the train tunnels where they could make their escape from one cabin to another. And is it just me, or did the 120 seconds seem extraordinary long where the entire gang could climb up the cabin baggage compartment, move across the entire length and then fight some zombies at that too?

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5) How were the soldiers at the end sure that it wasn’t zombies approaching them just cause they heard the little girl sing?

Zombies cannot sing meh?

And lastly,


6) The show doesn’t explain WHY the outbreak happened

After sitting through the entire 118 minutes, the movie only briefly mentions that the outbreak had started at one of their plants but it doesn’t explain why nor what started it! And what has it got to do with the mutated deer at the beginning?



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  • BABY says:

    I thought about these too and I may have some answers. This was my out take on the movie.
    1. If you look, the main characters were never bitten on the neck. They were always bitten on the hand or the leg so it may have taken longer to take them over.
    2.I agree. That women should have been keeling over in pain. But adrenaline can do some weird stuff to you.
    3. It seemed like he knew what he was doing with his fist.
    4.For movie purpose, you can let go a minute. Not everything is going to be timed perfectly.
    5.Did you hear any of the other zombies singing? The only mental capasity they had was to run and bite. Singing was a humanly trait to distinguish them from zombies.
    6. What had happened in the beginning of the movie was that the man in the car just came of the power plant that had chemical spills, that’s why they were washing down his car. When he had hit and killed the deer, chemical reactions happened and boom, zombie virus made. That’s more then most zombies movie give us.

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