5 x 5: It’s a Golden Saturday!

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1. She Got GOLDDDD….!

via Channelnewsasia

via Channelnewsasia

Singaporean Yip Pin Xiu came in first in the women’s S2 100m backstroke in the Paralympic! Yeaps, it’s our first at Paralympic 2016! Congrats!!

You can find out more about this lovely and very inspiring woman here and here.

2. Let’s Learn More about Paralympics 2016

3. Who’s Getting iPhone 7?

Singtel has released its prices, check it out!

via Singtel

via Singtel

More here.

4. Pro Gamer is Singapore’s first Pokemon master

Chapman Sim via Straits Times

Chapman Sim via Straits Times

Yeaps, he did the good old-fashioned way, by physically traveling here, there, everywhere to catch ’em all! More here.

5. The Art of Happiness

Let’s learn a thing or two from these four-year-olds.

(Featured image via Straits Times)

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