13 subscription services that will FOREVER change your life

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TL;DR – From books to ice cream and even tampons.

There’s just something about subscription boxes – perfect for those seeking a little adventure, you indicate some interests of yours to a subscription website and just wait for a monthly package to arrive in the mail. It’s like receiving a present every month and in the wise words for Forrest Gump, you never know what you’re gonna get.

Gone are those days of plain ol’ beauty subscription boxes, these days you can subscribe to anything and almost everything from books to ice cream and even tampons.

Yup, you read that right.

1) For the fashionista: HVV MOODBOX


Her Velvet Vase

This apparel subscription service lets you decide your ‘mood’ for the month (happy, edgy, sparkly or even confused?), colour and size preferences and you then get to select from 3 different packages depending on how much clothes & accessories you want to receive monthly. Here’s a sneak peek into what goes into each box!

Price: $65, $80 or $140 monthly

Get it athttp://www.hervelvetvase.com/mood-box

2) For the men: Lowinsky Singapore

Lowinsky Singapore

Lowinsky Singapore

If you are the sort of male homosapien who can’t leave your computer, then this is for you. Simply fill in your profile and wait for up to 5 pieces of hand-selected clothing to arrive monthly at your doorstep. They offer free shipping in Singapore and you can even connect with your stylist 24/7 via email.

Price: $58, $54 or $52 monthly

Get it athttp://www.lowinsky.com/subscribe-men/

3) For the bibliophile: The BooksActually Box



If you are into reading, then The BooksActually Box by independent bookstore BooksActually (who also launched their books vending machine recently) might be the answer to your bedtime read.

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Price: $129, $229 or $369

Get it athttps://box.booksactually.com/

4) For ice cream lovers: The Pint Society


The Pint Society

Imagine 2 pints of ice cream arriving at your doorstep monthly?! Set up by the same guys behind the Ice Cream Cookie Co, The Pint Society brings to you two completely new, hand-crafted pints of ice cream monthly and past flavours include pineapple tart and truffle & white chocolate.

Price: $38, $35, $32 or $29 monthly

Get it athttp://www.pintsociety.rocks/

5) If you’re the beer sorta guy: Thirsty



Even local craft beer shop has joined the subscription bandwagon! You get to choose between a case of 6, 12 or 24 beers and select your preferred delivery date at that too.

Price: $178, $328 or $628 for 3 months

Get it athttp://www.thirsty.com.sg/collections/beer-subscription

6) Or the whisky kinda man: Whisky Butler

Whisky Butler

Whisky Butler

They call it liquid gold.

Price: $74, $83 or $88 per month

Get it athttp://www.whiskybutler.sg/

7) For the family: SimplyFresh



SimplyFresh is a subscription service for weekly deliveries of organic, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables sourced in Europe.

Price: $150 or $250

Get it athttp://www.simplyfresh.sg/

8) For your monthly needs: BlissyBox



Whether “you are a tampon junkie or a pad gal”, they pretty much got you covered.

Price: Starts at $9 a month

Get it athttps://blissybox.com/

And whilst you are in the whole PMS binge-eating phase…

9) To snack clean: BoxGreen



To encourage guilt-free snacking with natural and healthier snacks, BoxGreen’s subscription service delivers 12 bags of snacks per box either once a week, fortnightly or monthly.

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Price: $19.90 per box

Get it athttps://www.boxgreen.co/

10) For the aspiring baker: Batterful



For the domestic goddess wannabes, Batterful’s subscription box comes with the exact ingredients needed (so no measuring’s involved), and the corresponding recipe to create pastries such as honey pecan cakes and hipster-esque salted egg donuts.

Price: $19.90 per box

Get it athttps://www.batterful.com

11) For fans of Japan: Kimochbox



From just $15, you can have a box of 8 to 12 Japanese snacks arriving to you every month. Oishii ne!

Price: $15, $84 or $165

Get it athttps://kimochbox.com

12) She likes tea: Gryphon Tea Company

Gryphon Tea Company

Gryphon Tea Company

Choose between the ARTISAN CURATION or GOURMET CURATION and zen it out with the Gryphon Tea Company’s unique blends blends of Asian ingredients.

Price: Starts from $28.80 per month

Get it athttp://www.gryphontea.com/subscription/

13) He likes coffee: Hook Coffee

Hook Cafe

Hook Cafe

Featuring specialty coffees from around the world that’s roasted in Singapore, Hook Coffee will ensure that you “never run out of fresh coffee again”.

Price: Starts from $14

Get it athttps://hookcoffee.com.sg/


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