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TL;DR – No longer just Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief.

A decade ago, job titles like social media manager, digital strategist didn’t exist nor would there be a need for an Uber driver.


I was recently at the Young NTUC CROSSROADS event held at grocery delivery startup honestbee’s office where Executive Secretary of Young NTUC, Desmond Choo and Kimberley Foo, Deputy Director of IDA shared their insights into the constantly-evolving ICT (or information and communications technology) industry, the areas of new growth and whether there’s a manpower or skills gap.

Singapore’s ICT industry revenue saw a compound annual growth rate of 15.7 per cent from 2009 to 2014. In the same year, the sector also employed more than 150,000 ICT professionals. According to Choo,

“The growth can give our economy the transformation and the boost it needs and if done properly, not only can the ICT sector make Singapore’s economy vibrant but it will have a knock-on effect on the industries it supports.”

To quote Choo’s analogy, do you remember back in the day where each public bus required 3 employees? A driver, a ticket seller and a bus conductor.

These days we only just need the bus driver and with driverless buses being a thing to come in the future (I mean, we already have driverless taxis in Singapore), I think it won’t be long that bus drivers will be an occupation of the past.

In the words of Choo, our future will change and the change will definitely be at an exponential rate.

So if you were to ask me to look into MY crystal ball, here are some “jobs of tomorrow” that will probably be quite hot in time to come:

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1) Arctic Adventure Guide


People are travelling like cray these days to the most far-flung and exotic destinations. With booming Arctic adventure tourism and now that the Northwest Passage is open, we can expect arctic adventure guides to be the coolest tour guides of tomorrow.

2) Marketing eMediamaker

Beyond traditional marketing and social media publicity, the Marketing eMediamakers will work with Multi-Marketers, influencers and media design and production professionals to create emedia that will help potential customers envision how they can use certain products and services in their daily lives to fulfil their personal needs. Confusing yet? That is to say, beyond simply selling a product’s benefits, Marketing eMediamakers will work on creating a personality around the product as well as affiliation with the influencers with whom different customer groups feel a sense of connection with.

3) Garbage Designer

Move over recycling, upcycling – where they reuse discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original – is probably the next big thing. Garbage Designers will then be the key to ensuring the success of upcycling, especially in a future economy built on environmentally friendly practices.

4) End of Life Planner

By the year 2100, the planet is predicted to have another 4 billion inhabitants and by 2025, the World Health Organisation predicts that 63% of the global population will live to over the age of 65. We already have wedding planners, financial planners and party planners so I think it won’t be long before planning for what happens next becomes an industry in itself – think funeral planers, life memorial planners and even euthanasia consultants perhaps?

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And that brings us to,

5) Digital Memorialist


People may die, but the things we leave online doesn’t. That embarrassing selfie you took with that bleached hair (what were you thinking?) and THAT drunk text you’d once sent? Yup. Digital memorialists will work with you surviving loved ones (probably who you’d designated in your will) to edit out these unwanted moments in your online legacy. They will try to craft all of this data—websites, chats, emails, message threads and social media updates to determine which aspects of your online identity should live on.

With today’s jobs disappearing, are you ready for tomorrow’s jobs?


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