Brangelina splits and it’s almost like the end of the world

By September 21, 2016Current

TL;DR – But everybody’s changing and I don’t feel the same.


At around 11pm GMT +8 last night, shocking news broke that Hollywood’s golden couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are getting a divorce.

I thought it’s been obvious for a while now that they were having problems (or “irreconcilable differences” as they call it) but the Internet went crazy.


Screenshot 2016-09-21 11.54.05

my-life-is-officially-over kinda crazy.

Screenshot 2016-09-21 12.01.31

Screenshot 2016-09-21 12.02.19

Screenshot 2016-09-21 12.03.30

Screenshot 2016-09-21 11.52.32

AND, it’s funny how people still remember Jennifer Aniston even though it’s been over a decade since her divorce with Brad Pitt (psst, she thinks it’s karma at work) with #TeamJen trending worldwide,

Screenshot 2016-09-21 11.57.03

Screenshot 2016-09-21 11.58.59

Screenshot 2016-09-21 11.59.22

But for many of us (despite the 1,234,567 news articles circulating Facebook),

Screenshot 2016-09-21 12.00.34

Life goes on.

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