Nathan Hartono didn’t win, but hey, it’s Sing! CHINA after all.

TL;DR-  What were you expecting?

As we waited with bated breath for the results of Nathan Hartono’s finals in Sing! China, were we really expecting him to come in first? Hoping yes, anticipating maybe, but expecting?


I mean, this is after all Sing! China and some conspiracists will even go as far as to tell you that this show was coined in the first place to remind the world that no matter how and what, the Middle Kingdom still takes it all.

The power of example vs. the example of power.

I don’t deny that he’s talented but maybe it’s just wrong place, wrong time.

Think about it – if the now-defunct Singapore Idol was still in existence, would a non-Singaporean emerge winner of the competition? That is, if they could be allowed to compete in the first place.

Or who knows, this could end up a fortunate case of the American Idol winner –  where more often than not, it appears that it’s the runner-ups of said reality singing competition who managed to launch more successful music careers as compared to those who came in first place.

In any case, it was a good game and thank you Nathan for the MILO peng and free food from Tung Lok (his grandfather’s the founder of the restaurant group and his Mum’s the current Senior VP).

Meanwhile, you can relive or catch up on all his Sing! China performance here.


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