Bangkok’s Greyhound Cafe’s to open in Singapore

By October 12, 2016Local Life

TL;DR – Coconut crepes and frozen Thai iced tea, here we come.

Regulars to the land of smiles should be familiar with the capital’s Greyhound Cafe.

With 11 branches in Bangkok including the super chic EmQuartier and Siam Center, the Thai-Western restaurant chain serves up dishes such as,

Salmon carpaccio in spicy hot sauce,

Young Coconut Crepe Cake (this is one of my personal favourites, the amount of coconut flesh in it is crazy!)…

As well as the perennial signature,


Thai Iced Tea Granita.

I actually took this photo in KL last month when I stumbled upon the cafe at Bukit Bintang and was wondering why aren’t they in Singapore yet?!

Guess I’ve got my prayers answered.

The cafe will open next month in Paragon (the one at Orchard Road, not Siam) spanning 2,600 sq ft and 100 seats and the Singapore menu will be largely similar to that of Bangkok’s with its sauces such as their pad thai sauce and salad dressings to be imported from Thailand.

Prices, however, will be 30% higher than Bangkok’s due to “higher costs of living”.

Well, at least it’s still cheaper than a plane ride and a quick fix to Mum’s incessant nagging about bomb risks in Bangkok.

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