So, we can swim, we can sing and we can fly!

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TL;DR – Who say we no talent?

via Youtube

via Youtube

We were just talking about what amazing things the Millennials are capable of.

You know, this year has been a fantabulous year of Singaporean youths showing the world that while size does matter, it ain’t everything.

When Schooling’s Olympic outing went swimmingly well

via Straits Times

via Straits Times

So we have Joseph Schooling winning Olympic Gold. Not just that, but beating a legend too.

Nathan croons and China swoons

via Youtube

via Youtube

And, just less that two weeks ago, we saw Nathan Hartono coming in second in Sing! China.

This generation of young people are indeed something special.

They’re great. They’re narcissistic. They’re passionate. They’re the Millennials.

But, do you know who exactly the Millennials are? Here’s how The Atlantic has defined the different generations.

via TheAtlantic

via TheAtlantic

Quite interesting, no?

That we’re now even past Generation Millennials and are into Generation TBD (To Be Determined), LOL! I like the sound of ‘TBD’, it somehow gives me the feeling of,

The best is yet to come!

What’s next, after the Millennials?

But if these girls are anything to go by, Generation TBD looks set to go into uncharted territorities and blaze more trails!

Kyra’s taking flight!

Heard of Kyra Poh?

via Lauri Aapro

via Lauri Aapro

All of 14 years young, and she’s just been crowned champion in indoor skydiving. Yes, champion of the world.


You can watch the teenager being crowned with the gold and holding up the Singapore flag here. Or, watch her winning flight,


Natalie Ong, is she a dangerous woman?


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There’s another Generation TBD who has just surfaced in the form of a singing sensation down under. Yes, I’m talking about 15-year-young Natalie Ong.

Reportedly to have been born in Singapore, but now based in Melbourne, Australia, she auditioned The X Factor Australia 2016.


Check out her lovely rendition of The Voice Within by Christina Aguilera. Her grandma was there to root for her too, and she was invited onstage after Natalie’s impressive performance.

via Youtube

via Youtube

I love love love how Singaporean Natalie’s nan is!


And here, her latest showing with I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James.


Did you see how Adam Lambert threw a shoe onstage to show his approval? I thought that’s hilarious! May there be more shoe-throwing from now on!


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