Dying for a romantic getaway but only have a weekend? Here’s how.

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TL;DR – Mini-honeymoons for the time-strapped Singaporean.

We know how much good a vacation does for our relationships. Disconnecting from work and connecting with your significant other? Trying out new food, experiencing new sunsets, and just being happy together… heck, even the little squabbles along the way about directions and bad planning can seem fun too.

However, given how time-strapped we usually are, we often do not have the luxury of time for frequent long holidays. I’m hence a huge fan of weekend getaways! They are short, they are easy to plan but they still feel like a honeymoon all over again.

Here are some of my favourites!

1) Belum Rainforest Resort

Where: Malaysia

Set in the midst of the tropical Belum-Temengor rainforest which has remained untouched for centuries, the Belum Rainforest Resort offers complete relaxation and serenity, stunning views and the chance to get close to the beauty and mystery of nature.

Website: http://www.belumrainforestresort.com/

2) Avillion Port Dickson

Where: Malaysia

Facing the Straits of Malacca, Avillion Port Dickson is one of my personal favourites for a beach getaway without having to board a plane. You can set off from your house in the morning, enjoy a road trip (and a few stops along the way for A&W and ice cream!) and check in before dinner. Designed with the architecture of an old-world fishing village in mind, imagine falling asleep to the crashing of the waves and waking up to the sunrise on the horizon right before your eyes? Don’t forget to schedule a massage session (or two!) at the award-winning AviSpa.

Website: http://www.avillionportdickson.com/

3) AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort

Where: Malaysia

Ok, I think it’s fairly obvious by now that I have a thing for this whole kelongs-above-the-water experience but this intimate Sepang resort is a much more atas version. I also recommend you take this getaway experience a notch higher by timing it with the F1 Sepang races so you can first get the adrenaline rush from all the fast car action then unwind together with sunset drinks.

Website: http://www.minorhotels.com/en/avani/sepang

4) Telunas Resort

Where: Indonesia

Situated in the Riau islands of Indonesia, Telunas offers two experiences – the pristine Private Island and their classic Beach Resort. I recommend the former as it’s newer and more exclusive for a truly private escapade.

Website: http://www.telunasresorts.com/

5) Tempat Senang

Where: Indonesia

This is where I go to to feel like I’m NOT in Batam. Though situated in Batam, it hardly feels like you’re there with their 14 rooms and suites themed around different cultures. I’ve tried the Thai one and I like how it makes you feel like you’re Thai royalty in your own palace and I want to give the Japan one a shot!

Website: http://www.tempatsenang.com/

6) Malacca

Where: Malaysia

Chicken rice balls, chendol, lok lok, assam laksa… ooh I’m salivating already. If you’re a couple who lives to eat and good food is an essential part of your relationship, a quick 2-hour drive will take you to the food mecca of Malaysia. You can also complete your vacation with a stay at The Sterling with that charming, colonial architectural experience.

Website: http://www.thesterling.my/

7) Banyan Tree Bintan

Where: Indonesia

For those who need indulgence and seriously, who does luxury better than Banyan Tree right? Think rustic-luxe villas set in traditional Balinese style coupled with stunning views of a turquoise coastline leading to lush greenery… just book that stay already!

Website: http://www.banyantree.com/en/ap-indonesia-bintan


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