The “healthy” food you’re eating that’s actually making you fat

By October 26, 2016Current

TL;DR – Think again.

1) Avocado

It’s a superfood and comes loaded with nutrients, alongside calories and fat. One whole avocado contains 322 calories (that’s equivalent to a bowl of fishball noodles) and almost 30g of fat.

2) Breakfast cereal

TV commercials often feature breakfast cereals topped with fresh fruit and milk to create the impression that it’s a healthy, wholesome breakfast. However, most packaged cereals usually contain a lot of sugar and refined carbs… you’ll be better off having eggs instead.

3) Protein bars

With the amount of chocolate, sugar and other carbs in it, it’s practically the same as snacking on an entire bar of chocolate. Unless you’re actually eating it before you work out intensely or as a meal on a long hike, you don’t really need that “energy”.

4) Juices and Smoothies

A cup of orange juice has 200 calories while the whole fruit has only 80 calories and eating it gives you fibre too. Also, have you seen how your smoothies are made? They frequently add in scoops of ice cream/ froyo and sugar syrup which can add up to 300 calories. Again, a bowl of fishball noodles has about 300 calories too.

5) Gluten-free junk food

Junk food is still junk food. Period. By the way, gluten-free food doesn’t automatically mean “low fat” or “diet” or even “healthy”, it is just that some people cannot eat gluten (a protein composite found in wheat, barley and rye) because of an autoimmune disorder called celiac disease and only 1% of people have this condition. Most of us can get by eating gluten fine.

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6) Dried fruit

Fruits are healthy right? Well, a cup of dried fruit has 5 to 8 times more calories and sugar than the fresh fruit for e.g. a cup of grapes has 60 calories but a cup of raisins has 400 calories?! So where possible, opt for the fresh version instead.

7) Low fat yoghurt

Most store-bought low-fat yoghurt actually remove the fat from yoghurt and add sugar, high fructose corn syrup or some kind of artificial sweetener to make up for the lack of taste. You’re probably better off having the full-fat version.

8) Potato salad

Sure, it’s a “salad” but it’s made of potatoes AND mayonnaise… how healthy do you really think it really can be? Also, the other salad variants though come with leaves, might be garnished with calorie-dense croutons, dressing and nuts so watch out for those.

9) Soups

The creamy versions will have cream (good guess, Sherlock) in them while the canned ones usually come with a lot of sodium that causes water retention. So while you won’t actually gain weight, your jeans are definitely gonna feel much tighter.


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