This 27-year-old woman has been to almost EVERY country in the world

By November 1, 2016Travel

TL;DR – 180 countries, 254 flights, 15 months.


Meet Cassie De Pecol.

At age 27, she has been to 180 countries and aims to visit the remaining 16 countries in the next 45 days to break a Guinness World Record by becoming the fastest female to travel to every country in the world.


She started her expedition in July 2015 and her travels so far has spanned 15 months, 254 flights and some US$198,000 (S$275,378).


On average, Cassie spends two to five days in each country and sponsors have also contributed to the making of the documentary she is filming along the way to promote promote sustainable travel.


If you have some spare $200K lying around and want to beat Cassie’s record, you can follow her journey on her Instagram and website for more inspiration.

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