Avocado, Bacon and Facepalm emoji coming soon to Apple devices

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TL;DR – Sounds like we are making a sandwich.

The new iOS 10.2 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch will come with 72 new emoji including more animals and some other very important ones (read: food) such as a burrito, bacon, avocado and an egg.

There’s also going to be a Facepalm emoji (very important in this digital age) as well as greater diversity.

These Unicode 9.0 emoji updates alongside the new TV app, iPhone 7 wallpapers and new camera features will be available with iOS 10.2 due to release probably next month (second public beta version just released by Apple).

These are some changes discovered in iOS 10.2 beta so far:

  • Three new wallpapers in iOS 10.2 beta (only for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus)
  • New widget for Videos app
  • New Preserve Camera setting
  • New emoji (looks like Unicode 9.0 update/also on macOS 10.12.2, watchOS 3.1.1)
  • New ‘Press and Hold to Speak’ menu under Home Button Accessibility settings
  • New ‘Celebration’ Messages screen effect
  • New ‘Show Star Ratings’ option under Music Settings
  • New headphone icon in status bar for Bluetooth audio devices (previously seen with the Beats Solo3)
  • TV app now included on iOS 10.2 beta, Videos app still present
  • TV widget joins Videos widget
  • SOS feature similar to Apple Watch when clicking power button 5x (which may be a requirementin India next year)
  • Music now points to relocated shuffle and repeat controls (which have a button look now)

We can’t wait!

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