Here’s what you need to eat at Bangkok’s 7-Eleven

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TL;DR – Good food at every corner.


The first thing I do every time I land in Bangkok is to pop into the nearest 7-Eleven and pick up a sandwich and bottle of Oishi honey-lemon green tea. In the land of good eats and yummy street food, this humble convenience store located very conveniently throughout the city (have you ever noticed HOW many shops there are on every stretch of road?) actually offers some really good noms – good enough to rival some restaurants even.

Here are my favourites!

1) Sandwiches

Like what Katy Perry says, ‘Cause you’re hot then you’re cold, I’m a bit undecided on this one. Some days, I really like the famous ham and cheese croissant sandwich (it even has its own Facebook page with 1,001 fans wth?) that’s toasted hot upon order and on other days, I like the underrated cold sandwich cousins. Go for the (imitation) crab mayo version that comes with a seaweed/ wakame half – the crab half is impossibly good (way better than Delifrance and its offerings) but please give the seaweed part a miss.

2) Thai milk tea and iced coffee

Nothing like a cup of sweet, milky Thai iced tea on a hot day when in Bangkok. I feel that their cha yen is quite legit and the iced coffee is pretty good too. Though they can both be a little sweet (the way the Thais like it) so what I usually do is to add more ice into my cup.

3) EZYGO Ready Meals

I’m not kidding when I say their pad krappow (basil fried pork/ chicken) is better than a lot of the Thai restaurants here in Singapore. This is one of my favourites – if not my absolute favourite – to have after a night of drinking. Look at that fried egg?!

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4) Yakult

Not Yakult per se, but this Betagen brand probiotic drink comes in much, much, MUCH bigger bottles of up to 1 litre.

5) CP Le Pan Siam Banana Cake

If you already know about THE famous Tokyo Banana that your friends have to lug back from Japan, Bangkok offers a cheaper (12baht/pc) and closer alternative to this banana-cream filled spongecake.

6) Salim

Salim (or sariem) is a traditional Thai dessert that reminds me of our chendol – it’s basically coloured mung bean flour ‘noodles’ served in coconut milk or in this 7-Eleven version, fresh milk which makes it healthier, right?

7) Lay’s Potato Chips

Because they have some cool uniquely Thai flavours… my favourite’s sweet basil (the green packet pictured in the centre) which is sweet, salty AND spicy all at once!


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