This Carousell guy’s “ex-GF’s chair thing” is prob the best way to sell a chair

By November 15, 2016Current

TL;DR – Material is soft and comfortable, but apparently not boyfriend material.


Carousell seller Raph Yee has listed on local marketplace this brown almost-chair that he has aptly titled “My exGF’s chair thing”.


This chair was bought by his mother for his girlfriend (now ex…) and is hence preloved, just like him.

Other descriptions include the chair’s colour (“brown – like how shitty I felt the past 7 months”) and material (“soft and comfortable, but apparently not boyfriend material”) and perhaps the last line best sums it up:

Perfect for those mornings you want to sit at a table and do nothing but contemplate your existence and question your inability to keep a three year relationship afloat. (4th pic)

If you want to buy the chair from Raph, here’s the link and here’s the post in full:


IKEA should just give him a job to describe furniture already.


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