Ever wondered why there’s always more yellow Skittles in every bag?

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TL;DR – Now you know.



If you’re a fan of Skittles “Taste The Rainbow” candy, you might have realised that in a typical bag, there always seem to have more yellow pieces than the rest.

Skittle-obsessed Reddit users have since took it upon themselves to examine the colour distribution and are certain that there’s a yellow bias:


In response, video footage from inside a Skittles factory is now making its way around the Internet, and if you examine it closely…


As part of the production process, the sweets are all contained in individual vats, sorted by flavour,


BUT, there seem to be yellow pieces found amongst the red (and green, purple and orange…) tubs so this might be why there are more yellows in every pack.

There is no official response from Wrigley or Skittles yet but the Internet has since came up with their own hypothesis behind this. Such as because yellow dye is simply the cheapest (nope, not convinced at all) and that “yellow makes the mix look brighter and makes you want to eat more”.

Whatever it is, I’m happy about it cause lemon’s my favourite flavour! What’s yours?

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