Kiasu Parent denies son of Nintendo DS cause of PSLE results, much sensation happening online

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TL;DR – So?


The yearly This is Sparta! ritual for every 12-year-old child AND parent, otherwise known as the PSLE Results Day, happened yesterday 24 November. While the Ministry of Education (and hence mainstream media) isn’t naming top students anymore, there is still much talk online, ranging from kiasu parents crashing website whilst comparing top PSLE scores and everybody – and I really mean EVERYBODY – giving their 2 cents on how to be Drake (“Started from the bottom now we’re here“).

While I don’t really care who scored the highest cause it wouldn’t change the price of pork (but I have a thing with all the humblebraggarts on Facebook lol), apparently it matters plenty to Mdm Soon Lee Yong, co-founder of local parenting forum kiasuparents.com, and TODAY:

The story with its With her son’s PSLE results in hand, milestone reached for KiasuParents.com co-founder headline has since gathered over 2,300 shares in 2 hours and 610 comments:

Mostly criticising the parent,






While some questioned the intention of this article,





While I don’t condone Mdm Soon’s actions, I am of the opinion that every parent has his/her own way of parenting and that it’s not up to us to decide whether it’s right or wrong or judge who makes a better parent.

However, I don’t know if this article was necessary in the first place… because after reading it, like how Facebook user Matno Rohdiansteien puts it,


Editor: Another writer of ours, CRC, has another take on the matter. Read it here.


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