Seeing double? Nathan Hartono and his Korean actor doppelgänger Yoo Ji Tae

By December 13, 2016Entertainment

TL;DR – Let’s play some photo hunt.

Take a look at this photo and identify this guy please,

No prizes for guessing that he’s Nathan Hartono aka the milo truck guy aka the biggest singing heartthrob in the country at the moment.

How about this guy?


In case you did a double take, nope, it’s not Nathan but South Korean actor Yoo Ji Tae who has starred in One Fine Spring Day, Oldboy, and Woman is the Future of Man.

And more importantly, this 40-year-old bears a uncanny resemblance to 25-year-old Nathan Hartono.


Here are some recent photos of Nathan,

And here are some photos of Yoo Ji Tae,

You be the judge.

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