Our RSAF guys helped to harvest rice when training in Thailand

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TL;DR – I’m sure they had a field day. 

In a Facebook post by Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen, he shared how our RSAF personnel who were training in Thailand helped the local community to harvest rice.

If you can’t read the above, the post describes how the Royal Thai Air Force Chief who recently paid an official visit to Singapore thanked our Air Force servicemen and women for their help. They were apparently “quite good at it” and the locals were “very touched by this act”.

Here’s the full post,

<<Rice Harvesting by RSAF>>

Recently, the Royal Thai Air Force Chief paid an official visit to Singapore. During the call, he thanked our The Republic of Singapore Air Force servicemen and women who were training in Thailand for their help in harvesting rice.

I was surprised and wondered why they got involved. Apparently, this is what the Thai Armed Forces servicemen do to help their community and our RSAF men and women there decided to join in too. When I said that Singaporeans had no experience in this, as we do not have padi fields here, he said that it was not a problem and that after a few lessons, our RSAF servicemen became quite good at it. The local community were very touched by this act.

I thought this was a good gesture on the RSAF’s part to build bonds with the local community that supports their training in Thailand.


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