Your long weekend getaway guide for 2017

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TL;DR – The best way to get over a holiday… is to book another one.

With just one week left to the new year, it’s time to… plan your leave haha. 2017 will bring about 7 official long weekends (and 10 unofficially, if you know what I mean) and here are some ideas for your getaways.


1) 1 January in Singapore

Constellation Room at Capella Singapore

I know it’s supposed to be a getaway but with New Year’s day just 5 days around the corner, flights can get pretty pricey – unless of course you own a bank. Or are planning to rob one. I will highly suggest you book a staycation instead for that I’m-in-Singapore-but-not-really-in-Singapore feel and here’s our list of 10 hotels with bathrooms so beautiful you won’t want to leave  you might want to check out.

2) 28 – 30 January in Bali

Ubud Hanging Gardens (via)

Nothing like rice plantations and villa life to zen it out and escape from your relatives’ incessant questions about when you’re marrying/ having a kid or how much weight you’ve put on.


3) 14 – 16 April in Bangkok

Because, Songkran aka the Thai New Year aka the water festival. Get your Super Soaker ready!

4) 29 April to 1 May in Hong Kong

Did somebody say roast goose, beef brisket noodles and dim sum?


5) 24 – 26 June in Perth

Singapore’s the hottest this time of the year so why not fly just 4 hours to Perth where winter awaits.


6)  1 to 3 September in Taipei

The night markets!


7) 23 – 25 December in Seoul

Cheesy but… I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.


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