8 ways to count down to 2017 that doesn’t involve crowds. Or traffic jams.

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TL;DR – When you’re a little too old for beach parties.

The TL;DR above pretty much says it all – you want to usher in the new year in style (or at not in a sad #foreveralone manner at home) but beach parties and counting down with 1234567 strangers while having to deal with the crowds and bad traffic…. just sounds like a complete nightmare.

Here are some ideas how you can spend your New Year’s Eve:

1) Throw a Best (or Worst) of 2016 Party

Host a party at home and have your friends come in costumes that best represents what a crazy year 2016 has been. Brexit, Trump vs. Hilary, our missing Terrex vehicles… you get the idea.

2) DIY your own spa at home

Spend the evening making your own sugar scrubs (21 amazing ideas over here) then enjoy a long time in the bath either with a good book or with your partner before falling into bed, rejuvenated and refreshed to take on 2017.

3) Girly Sleepovers

The way we used to do it when we were teenagers – junk food, DIY manicures and with Beverly Hills 90210 on the telly for good measure.

(The boys can have their typical boys’ night out I guess.)

4) The Last Hurrah

Not in that sense of the term… but spend the day indulging in everything bad. Donuts, ice cream, fried chicken, curry puffs from Old Chang Kee, an extra-large 15-inch pizza all to yourself. We’ll diet come 2017.

5) Talk a walk down memory lane

Spend the day with your significant other reliving memories – make a dinner reservation at the restaurant where you guys had your first date, go back to the same spot where you shared your first kiss… and just remind each other how you’ve survived this year together.

6) Games Night

Have a couple of friends or family over to indulge in some silly games beyond the standard mahjong and poker. Dig out your Uno cards or Pictionary or the Pie Face Showdown that’s such a hit these days.

7) Ice Skate

It’s not exactly Rockefeller Center in New York but you can feel like you’re there. The Rink at JCube’s throwing a New Year Countdown on Ice where you get to well, count down to the new year on ice.

8) Night at the Safari

When was the last time you were at the Night Safari?

Besides, sometimes animals can be nicer to be with than humans. #justsaying


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