The final days of Rochor Centre

By January 19, 2017Current

TL;DR – Everybody’s changing and I don’t feel the same.

RIP Rochor Centre. The iconic cluster of four HDB blocks near Bugis, each painted mainly in red, blue, yellow or green, will soon be demolished to make way for the construction of the North-South Expressway.

Facebook user Patrick Sng visited the flats last week, to photograph the place and more importantly, pick up the little details that most have missed out. Most, I would think, referring to the hoards of Instagrammers and journalists who have flocked down to capture the place’s last moments.

He also spoke to some of the residents who he says, are obviously reluctant to let go of the strong emotional attachments to the place. A few are still living there when he visited because they have not been able to relocate for a variety of reasons, financial constraints being one.

The government has also provided assistance to relocate residents to new flats in nearby Kallang.

All photos by Patrick Sng.

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