‘Master’ admits on NUSWhispers that he is the guy behind the ‘beer aunty’ mother and NUS gold digger stories

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TL;DR – More importantly, he confirms that he is NOT Low Kay Hwa.

Remember the NUS student who was ashamed of his ‘beer aunty’ mother? Or the ex-convict-turned-oldest-undergraduate?

These widely-shared stories had first appeared on anonymous Facebook page NUSWhispers where they were eventually picked up by the Internet and made their way around.

Yesterday, a confession signed off by Master was shared on the page, claiming that these stories alongside six other confessions such as the Gold digging girl (Guy A & Guy B) and the Teddy bear girl who finally got together with her secondary school crush had been created by him to either bring joy or spice up university life.

Some were also created to highlight certain social issues.

More importantly, he confirms that he is NOT Low Kay Hwa.

Here’s the confession in full:

Over the years, I had created many unique characters for many different stories.

From tragic characters like:

1) A dying guy who couldn’t fulfill his promise to bring his gf to Budapest.

2) Little Priscilla, an orphan who finally experienced fatherly love from a volunteer before dying of cancer.

3) Piggy and Swan.

To happy/motivational characters like:

4) Teddy bear girl who finally got together with her secondary school crush.

5) Mama, who brought up her low IQ son and told him to search for his golden purpose in life before she died.

6) NUS ex convict uncle

And last but not least, the most hated characters of all times( Created to highlight certain social issues):

7) Gold digging girl( Guy A & Guy B)

8) Beer aunt’s ungrateful son

After nearly 3 years of writing fictional stories, it’s time for me to finally put down my pen and begin a new phase of my life. Thank you NUSWhispers community! You guys are a bunch of lovely and responsive audience, therefore all the hours I spent writing stories for you is totally worth it! Thank you for your support and love for my stories. I hope that my stories had either brought joy to your lives or spiced up your university life.

Some of you are still wondering whether I’m LKH or not. The answer is obviously NO. Unfortunately my true identity will always be a secret forever, If I have to give myself a pen name – Let it be “Master”.

Goodbye everyone
(Sign off)

(Cover image adapted via The Straits Times)


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