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TL;DR – Food things must share.

Do you know someone who is obsessed with cooking or perhaps is a huge foodie and cannot stop talking about food? Well, here are some quirky and unconventional gift ideas for you to get for their next birthday, housewarming party, wedding, baby shower etc. You get the drift.

1. Gem Biscuit Cushion

Naiise ($29.90)

Do you remember snacking on these sugary tiny gem biscuits as a kid? Relieve your sweet childhood days once again, minus the actual sugar with a giant, cuddly cushion-replica of the beloved gem biscuit.

2. Engraved Patterned Rolling Pin

Etsy ($47.10)

Give your freshly baked good a new unique, signature textured look by rolling out the dough with a patterned rolling pin. You could even customise or choose the kind of pattern you want. The print-ideas are endless with everything from owl-prints, Aztec patterns to your loved one’s name. Your fellow baker friends will thank you for this!

3. Salmon Sushi Earrings

Naiise ($20)

Say konnichiwa to these almost realistic-looking salmon sushi earrings! They will have every salmon-lover drooling and it is an ideal gift for anyone whom you think is a foodie-fashionista. They are guaranteed to be a conversation starter at your next gathering!#sugoi

4. Cookie Warmer Moustache Mug

Etsy ($35.04)

I moustache you buy one of these for yourself or friends. This cookie-warmer mug is a pretty ingenious innovation that allows you to place your cookies, donuts, and bite-sized snacks into in a cubby mouth and keep it warm as you drink your hot tea or coffee. This way, you’ll have everything in one place and won’t have to put them on a separate plate! It’s a great gift for people who are lazy to wash the dishes and for people who love snacking while sipping on tea, cocoa or coffee.

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5. Chicken Rice Tea

Naiise ($26)

Are you a huge fan of chicken rice and cannot get enough of it? Well, here’s something else you should try to #levelup your chicken rice street cred – Chicken Rice Tea. Yes, you read it correctly. This is a hand-blended, savoury Kukicha combined with familiar oriental and local flavours like ginger, lemongrass and aromatic pandan. Drink this whenever you’re craving the dish but cannot physically eat it. You’re welcome.

6. Luncheon Meat Coin Tin

Naiise ($28)

You can now add a bit of quirkiness and a pop of colour to your house while (literally) saving money with this nostalgic piggy bank. Take a walk down memory lane!

7. I Could Eat A T-Rex Pasta Measurer

Amazon ($14.08)

One of the main problems with cooking pasta is not being able to accurately measure out the portion of pasta you need. You might either accidentally end up with 3-days worth of pasta and have too little sauce or make enough for only one person when you’re cooking for five people. Get your hands on this creative pasta measuring tool that will be a complete lifesaver from now on whenever you or your loved ones make pasta!

8. Seven Lontongs T-shirt

This tee features local food (more specifically, a Malay dish) with a Chinese New Year song reference (geddit?) It certainly doesn’t get more Singaporean than this!

9. Nessie Ladle

Ototo ($22.73)

The mystery of the legendary Lochness monster will be a myth no more, as you could be a proud owner of your very own cute nessie soup ladle! This adorable ladle even has tiny feet to keep it standing upright on kitchen surfaces and it is guaranteed to melt hearts, as you scoop up delicious hot soup for the family.

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10. Traditional rainbow cake earrings

This is THE original rainbow cake of every 90s kid! Except that you can now wear these cake slices reminiscent of our favourite neighbourhood bakery on your ear and flaunt it without actually consuming the calories 😉


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