Hundreds of customers angry as House of Seafood fails to cope with their reunion dinner orders

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TL;DR – 120 reunion dinners successfully ruined.

Reunion dinners and seafood restaurants have been quite a crabby issues these days.

The latest being from 螃蟹之家 House of Seafood restaurant.

Word has it that the restaurant tried to accommodate 120 tables for their reunion dinners on Chinese New Year Eve but wasn’t prepared to handle the load.

Here are some complaints from their Facebook page with many more streaming in as we speak.


More here.

On another note, the restaurant chain was also recently involved in another saga when it released a promotional video featuring “powerful message for this Chinese New Year”…

Which netizens have found to be very similar to another video released in China last year.

You be the judge.


Updated 28th Jan (Sat) 1:25AM

A reader had brought his family there for dinner tonight and wrote in to share more with us:

1. House of Seafood had extended tables to next two units as those two restaurants were not operating tonight.

2. The reader’s order of two pots of tea took some 45 minutes to be served.

3. The reader’s first dish (yu-sheng) took an hour to be served, and then it’s another 1.5 hours for the second dish.

4. The restaurant was so under-staffed and under-capacity that customers had to queue up and collect their shark’s fin from inside the kitchen.

5. Shark’s fin was all starch and no fin.

6. Many diners stormed off after waiting for 1.5 to 2 hours for their dinner, but were only served yu-sheng.

7. The restaurant either did not have enough crockery and utensils, or couldn’t turn them around in time. They were given a bowl with soap inside.

8. The reader’s family had ordered one of the CNY dinner sets, but ended up not being served the signature crab and desserts. They were given just $100 refund.

Thanks for sharing thes photos and video with us, C!

Reader’s contribution: A shot of how House of Seafood had extended tables beyond their own premises.

Reader’s contribution: A shot of how House of Seafood had extended tables beyond their own premises.


We checked the restaurant’s Facebook Page again and saw that they have replied to diners who had taken to their page to give feedback about their experience tonight. Seems like they’ll be trying to contact upset customers after the festive period to make amends.

Good luck!

Via Facebook / House of Seafood


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