There will soon be Kit Kat sushi in Japan

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TL;DR – Anything is possible.

When it comes to snacks, anything is possible in the Land of the Rising Sun. From salty watermelon Pepsi, Mountain Dew cookies to okonomiyaki AND takoyaki candies, we have also seen different Kit Kat flavours ranging from cool to the strangest ever. Think flavours such as soy bean, grilled potato and even lemon vinegar.

To celebrate the launch of a new speciality store in Tokyo, they will be selling limited-edition sushi Kit Kats.


The chocolate snack will be available in three flavours inspired by traditional tuna (maguro), sea urchin (uni) and egg (tamago) sushi.

Taste-wise, the tuna edition is made of raspberry flavour topped on puffed white chocolate rice, the sea urchin flavour uses Hokkaido Melon and mascarpone cheese Kit Kats wrapped in seaweed, and the egg sushi is a pumpkin pudding topping with puffed white chocolate-covered rice.

The snacks will be available from February 2-4 at the Kit Kat Speciality Store in Ginza to customers who spend over ¥3,000 JPY (approx S$37.50).

Kit Kat Speciality Store
3-7-2 Ginza
Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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