Can’t decide between pizza or fried chicken? KFC’s Chizza is here to save the day

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TL;DR – It’s a pizza, it’s fried chicken… No, it’s the Chizza!

KFC Philippines | Twitter

If you have been active on social media, you should have seen this KFC dish in the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and India.

KFC India’s Chizza looks REALLY good, damn!

And it’s finally here in Singapore!

Known as the Chizza, which is the mashup of Chicken + Pizza (geddit?), this dish features a piece of fried chicken fillet topped with pizza sauce, chicken ham, pineapple chunks and mozzarella cheese.

Think pizza without the dough.

KFC Singapore | Facebook

We tried it for ourselves and I like how it’s essentially a low-carb (though not necessarily healthy lol) Hawaiian pizza. I love pineapples!

KFC Singapore

For those who might prefer the good ol’ KFC fried chicken and whipped potato, then you should go for the Chizza Box ($9.50), which comes with one Chizza along with one piece of fried chicken (crispy or original), Potato Winders, whipped potato and soft drink.

And if you’re still deciding whether you want to give this a try, then you might want to take a look at this video showing how the Chizza is made which has since garnered 1,350 shares on Facebook:

The Chizza is available a la carte ($5.10) and as part of a meal with one medium fries and one regular Pepsi ($7.50) at most KFC outlets.


Updated 2017.02.09
We tried the KFC Chizza and here’s what we honestly thought.


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